What Juicer I Use At Home

Ok so many of you asked what juicer I used at home since many people around want to try out juicing.   Currently I have the Omega VSJ843R and I love this juicing machine.  When I just started juicing, I was totally confused which juicer to use.  I ended up buying 4 different units the past several months and finally ended up with the Omega model.

omega vsj843r juicer

I should have read more reviews on juicing and saved me all the trouble and buying different juicers. If you are just starting out I would advice that you read and find out the best rated juicers for your needs.  I recommend you go to www.juicermarket.com.  This site does a great job explaining the different types of juicing machine and reviews on the different juicers available on the market.

What I particularly love about my current juicer is it’s simplicity of cleanup.  I hate cleanup.  Some juicers you spend more time cleaning up than actually enjoying your drink.  The Omega VSJ843R is easy to assemble and disassemble with only a few parts to take apart.



I will tell you that this unit is over $400 so it is on the expensive side.  When I started out I cheaped out and bought the inexpensive juicer and you know what they say “You get what you pay for”.  Stick with the name brand such as Omega, Breville, or Hurom.

Also stick with a masticating juicer instead of a centrifugal juicer.  Slow juicers are just more efficient in taking out juice and you get more nutrients using this type of machine.  They are also significantly quieter than the other juicers.

If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford the higher end then I suggest you go for the Omega 8006.  It is under $300 on Amazon.  This unit has all the features that all higher end juicer has. It is certainly well built with a 15 year warranty.  This unit is also easy to assemble and disassemble making cleanup quick and easy.

As far as recipes, I don’t follow any juicing recipes.  I know some people like to combine fruits and vegetables.  I certainly do that sometimes, but most of the time I just juice one fruit or vegetable.  I keep it simple.  I’ve never been good at finding the right combination that is to my liking.  I suggest that you juice the fruits and vegetables that you normally eat.  If you like eating it, more than likely you will like the taste of the juice.

One thing to keep in mind is that juicing does not replace your meal.  Eat your regular meals (don’t pig out) and drink your juice.  I guarantee you will feel more energized throughout the day.  I know that is how Cheung and I feel.  It is quite a time saver as you won’t need to cut or cook fruits or vegetables.   So if you are a busy person, juicing is definitely for you.

Start today and go get a juicer machine.  People tend to overcomplicate this process.  You can easily add this routine to your daily diet.

Decisions! Decisions! Menu For The Wedding

I never realize how much planning goes into a wedding.  Initially, I was just going to let Cheung make the decision and help along the way.  However, she wanted me to be part of the decision for every little detail about the wedding.  I don’t blame her really, I can see on her face she was getting stressed so I did my part to help her.

One of the decisions we had to make was coming up with the right food menu for the wedding.  If you think it was easy as picking which combo you want at a McDonalds, far from it.  It was a 10 course meal for the wedding and every meal had to be decided.  Which meat, vegetable, and drinks had to be coordinated.  Dessert was just as complicated.

One area of the meal Cheung had me decided was the drinks.  Of course, you will have the usual wine and other liquors.  However, I wanted this to be a green and healthy eating theme wedding.  So I decided that fresh juice was going to be the main drink selections for the wedding.  I’m not talking about juice you buy at the store.  I’m talking about juice processed through a juicing machine.

At first, this seem impossible since we had to juice for over 100 people.  That’s a lot of juice!  However, we were able to rent a commercial juicing machine that is normally used at a bar.  This was more than capable of juicing for this type of wedding crowd.

I was not surprised at all that the people at the wedding loved the juice drinks.  It was delicious and they may not know it but it is also healthy for them.  It was unique, different, and most importantly nutritious.

How I Lost 15lbs For My Wedding

When Cheung and I decided to get married, we purposely scheduled 13 months ahead of time.  For one thing, we had to save money.  Secondly, I was travelling at that time with my job.  And third reason is we needed time to lose weight and look our best.

Of all the three reasons, the third one was I believe the toughest.  For the people that have known me, you know that I’ve always been a little chubby.  Not extremely overweight but I’ve never been in tone muscle shape.  I love food.  I grew up in a big Chinese family and my parents always cooked great meals when I was growing up.  We ate a lot of vegetables in our daily meals.

Another thing is I’m not the type of person that likes to go to the gym.  I love to do meditate and yoga but nothing intense.  So going to the gym or buying a weight machine was out of the question.

So I stumbled to an article from Doctor Oz about the healing properties of juicing.  I was getting more curious about juicing as I read more information about it.  In fact I found out that juicing can be an instrument to lose weight.  What I particularly liked about juicing is it is not a diet fad.  You are eating the same amount of fruits and vegetables in a liquid form.

I incorporated juicing into my diet.  Cheung was skeptical at first if it would work.  I went ahead and followed my plan. I drank 3 juices a day.  I started with just one fruit or vegetable and I would juice it.  As I got more comfortable with the taste, I started experimenting with different combinations.

So the results? Well I lost 15 lbs without having to exercise or starve myself.  So did juicing really do this? The answer is yes.  You see, drinking juice gave me the nutrients and vitamins that my body needs.  For some odd reason, I feel like I had more energy through the day and I was less hungry so I didn’t think about food that much.  When I started to lose weight, Cheung started to go along with my juicing plan also.  She also lost weight.

I’m glad I discovered the world of juicing.  We juice multiple times a day now and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.